Dr. Kingsley ‘Ragashanti’ Stewart delivers speeches on a variety of topics in his areas of expertise. Topics include the following:

Jamaican Culture

Dr. Stewart provides a lively and adventurous journey through Jamaica’s cultural history.

Dancehall Reggae Culture

An insightful and revealing presentation on the history and evolution of Jamaica’s popular music’s Dancehall culture.

Traditional Jamaican Dance

A fun and informative presentation on the traditional dances of Jamaica. The social meanings of the dances are explained and their importance in significant Jamaican rituals.

Jamaican Folk Culture

Dr.Stewart presents an exciting ride through Jamaica’s vibrant, complex and often misunderstood folk life.

Caribbean Culture

Articulates a thesis of Caribbean culture in the context of post-colonial nations.

Jamaican Masculinity

Presents the unique, colorful and contradictory properties at work in the cultural constructions of being a man in Jamaica.

Jamaican Sexuality

Explores the oftentimes controversial and seemingly contradictory and confusing elements of Jamaican sexuality.

Worldview and Success

Explains how worldview increases or inhibits individual or group success.

Achieving Personal Success

How to use psychocultural tools to obtain success in multiple areas of life.

Understanding and Overcoming Depression

Explains how cultural dissonance leads to clinical depression and provides practical ways to effectively combat and beat its debilitating effects.